Want To Know What's New In FIFA 20 Ultimate Team | Here It Is

  Undoubtedly, now FIFA Ultimate team is the series premiere mode and it is back in a modified UI (User Interface) and adjustments to the rewards system in FIFA 20. But the question is, what exactly has changed? And have complaints about the scale of microtransaction been addressed at all? And let's take a look at this now.

  What Are New Additions Have Already Been Put In FIFA Ultimate Team?

  In order to answer this question, let's start with the rewards system. This mode providing players opportunities to earn FIFA 20 Coins and cards through objectives and playing matches, now this mode incorporates a Battle Pass style XP system over a season to go with daily and weekly rewards. When you are playing games and then get XP and later you’ll be rewarded with packs and more players.

  You can earn XP by simply playing games and winning, therefore, those who are willing to put in the most time will get the most from the Season of rewards. And the first season of rewards will run until the end of October.

  Unfortunately, the questionable ethical practices of buying the packs for random rewards still exist, just like purchasing a pass to play draft mode with real money via FIFA points. And of course, it’s one of the biggest profit makers for EA, so unless the United States government regulation forces them to make a change (probably this is not gonna happen), they are still here to stay.

  However, with that said, EA does seem to be giving as many chances as they can to let the player build a great team-up without the need to buy any packs with real money through the sheer number of cards and packs that you can get through all kinds of reward systems. The cards that you can earn a not tradable on the marketplace, but, anyway, it’s a compromise which may be enough to settle the voices down of anger within this game for now.

  In the meantime, there are also some small reworks to the presentation, for example, right now with pack openings taking place in the tunnel rather than on the pitch, this is designed to give the occasion a new much grander feel. And the squad and formation screen has also seen a refresh. Which is really excites me.

  Overall, this model is similar to last year, with those that pay attention to team composition, chemistry and those who heavily tinker with the formations and tactics that will get the most out of their team. Anyway, it's a heavy time investment, but if you don’t feel that the loot box-style mechanic is enough of a concern for you to avoid the mode, then you will enjoy it just as much as previous years.

  For more information, such as about the Coins make you can click here and we will show you some new methods of earning Coin in this game.